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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Naples and Capri

Back to our trip, just two more ports....we had been having such wonderful weather that we were surprised when we woke up in Naples and it had been raining during the night. The clouds made a great back drop to this view from the port. But unfortunately the rain that poured down on us off and on throughout the day made it memorable for how wet we got and not for how beautiful it was!
As we walked through the port, we were immediately struck at the contrast between a modern European city and the medieval history seen in the castles.
I had to wonder what stories these old castle walls could tell! But we didn't have long to admire them because we had heard about it's beauty and so had booked a tour to the island of Capri on this day.
It really was incredibly breathtaking, especially along it's shoreline.
The island is known for it's production of the famous 'lemoncello' and lemon perfume, made from the lemons that we saw growing everywhere on the island.
The island was incredibly crowded, with tiny streets and hairpin curves on the roads. People drove either scooters or small cars and smart cars....this parking lot is very telling! We wondered how people ever got out?
It was a beautiful island, but our time was limited and the ship was waiting for us.....we had just one last night onboard.


Ruth Earle said...

I didn't mind the showers on Capris at all because it was so warm. And after it was over we saw such a beautiful garden and the most breathtaking views of the shoreline ... I actually preferred getting wet by rain rather than having my clothes wet and sticky because of the heat. I loved the island of Capris, but the ride back to Naples on the ferry not so much!

Anneliese said...

Isn't it hard to believe that now it's all a memory? Sometimes time just flies by far too quickly.