We are on a journey, sojourners on this earth. Let us share with you the highs and lows of our lives. Heaven is a sweeter place now that we have two beautiful granddaughters waiting there for us.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


 One of my favourite things to do on a winter evening
is putting a puzzle together.

So it comes as no surprise
 that I also enjoy doing puzzles with my grandchildren.
 As Kai and I worked on his new Pokemon puzzle together after Christmas
I was reminded again of something I had noticed when doing puzzles with other grandchildren....
 ...whereas adults always start with the edge pizzas to outline the puzzle to begin with,
children don't do that.
Not only that, it makes no sense to them at all.

They just start with colours and shapes,
in this case Kai started with one Pokemon character at a time,
and cheered with each one that he put together.
And guess what?

They get the puzzles together just the same!
Even without starting with the edge pieces first...
...who knew?!!

Friday, January 06, 2017

I Still Choose Joy

I love it when God works in the hearts of friends and family
to remind me of important truths.

Whether in a card, 
a bookmark,
or a book,
over the years I have cherished those reminders.
I find them tucked away in my journal,
my Bible,
or in my night table drawer beside the bed.

This Christmas I received two such very special gifts.
The first is this plaque that now hangs on our wall
between the front entrance and the kitchen.
I walk by it multiple times every single day,
and each time, I am reminded....
'I Choose Joy'!

My good friend had found it on a shopping trip with her daughter in the fall,
and immediately thought of me.
She knows that I have made an intentional choice in my life to choose joy,
but that isn't a once for all times choice.

Five years ago(can that possibly be)
I wrote about how I had chosen the word, joy' for my word for 2011
and that commitment hasn't changed.

I need to choose it over, and over and over again,
regardless of the circumstances I face
the uncertainty of my future
or the pain I am in.
I am so thankful for my friend,
for her sensitivity to the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit
who knew that in the days ahead I would need to be reminded...

Thankful for a tangible reminder 
that I see over and over and over again,
that regardless of what my days hold,
or what 2017 looks like,
'I Choose Joy'!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Fun in a Winter Wonderland

 We had no idea what we were in for, except that we were supposed to dress warm!
We got out of the car, and I snapped this family picture before we took off down the trail...
needless to say they were all dressed for the occasion!
And then we were off!
 Heather snapped this great selfie of the two of us which I will treasure for a long time,
since I am usually the one behind the lens,
and I have very few pictures with our adult children.
 Halle wanted to go out onto the lake and check it out...
she thought she would like to try ice fishing...

...but then decided to check out the skating rink that people had cleared out.
 Jude was more interested in what came next...
 ...a snack break!!
 Little did we know what Matt had stashed away in his backpack!

There were snacks of all kinds,
and a little propane burner so we could boil water for hot chocolate!!
We were amazed at how many other families were out,
ice fishing, skating, walking their dogs.
Kai was ready to sled, and try out the hill...
 ...right down onto the lake!!
 Next it was Jude's turn...
 Halle had a try too, 
but wasn't impressed!
 But Kai absolutely loved it,
and begged for just one more run before we packed up to leave.
 It was time for Jude's nap,
so our adventure had to come to an end...
but a friendly stranger offered to take a picture of all of us,
a great reminder of an awesome day of fun
in this winter wonderland.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Welcome 2017

 As I looked outside the kitchen window on New Year's Day,
I was greeted with a winter wonderland.
 Not that I was very surprised,
since we had driven home in a snowstorm the evening before... beautiful,
but so treacherous for driving.
 It was a first .... 
our 43rd New Year's Eve together 
and we were spending it in the car clawing our way home from the Vancouver Airport.
 Our flight had landed at 4:44 pm,
and now we were just hoping to still make it home before the new year.
 We made it with a couple of hours to spare...
 and it just kept snowing well into the night.
 It was truly a glorious morning...
 so I couldn't resist grabbing my camera to remember it...
what a welcome to 2017!!!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Best Pick of Christmas Books

Before we came up north for Christmas,
I grabbed some of my favourite Christmas books to read to the kids.

This one, God Gave Us Christmas, 
is the story of a little cub 
who is shown the story of Christmas in nature 
and is a great read for younger children.

 The Innkeeper's daughter is an old book,
that I read to our children years ago, 
by famous author, Jill Briscoe.
It tells the story of Keturah,
the Innkeeper's daughter,
who has lived her entire life with crippled hands
for which she has been ridiculed.

She finds herself at the manger,
holding the newborn babe...
...a great read!
 The last book that I brought along is a new to me book, 
that has been in print for 20 years. 
It tells the story of Jonathan Toomey,
a woodcarver otherwise known as Mr. Gloomy,
and his encounter with a young boy, Thomas.
 The Christmas story told through the eyes of this seven-year-old
is wonderful and the illustrations are fantastic!
Reading this to my 7 year old grandchildren made it extra-special!

So if you like to buy books,
this might be a good chance to get these on sale...
...check them out!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Northern Christmas

Christmas Eve up north began with a family trip to the neighbourhood ice rink,
a reminder of growing up on the prairies 
where my cousins had a rink across the road from their house.

 Jude was so excited that the kids were going to be playing hockey!
 We weren't the only ones that thought this was a good idea...
 who could resist this beautiful sunny, winter day?
 Halle was first ready and on the ice...
 I couldn't believe how much she had improved since I had been here in October!
 Kai loves playing hockey...
 ...especially against his Dad!
 This is the ultimate northern Christmas picture!
 Too soon it was time for Jude's nap so we had to head for home...
 ...after all there was a lot of day ahead of us still.
 We took a few pictures in front of the tree,
 before heading to church,
 but Halle was having a hard time putting a smile on her face.
 After church with the excitement of opening a few presents,
that had all changed.
 Jude was ready to open those presents,
never mind sitting still!
The first present was Christmas PJs for all!
But the joy of giving was the best part of all!! 
(watching their little brother enjoying his gift)
The  rest of the presents would have to wait 
until Christmas Day in the morning,
but oh what a wonderful day we had had!