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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Today we had a day of celebration here on the ranch! It was Dave's birthday so we enjoyed taking time throughout the day to enjoy spending it here with our Texas kids(a first). We also celebrated Christmas together so there were lots of presents getting wrapped. :-) (they are going to South Carolina next week so since there was no tree to put the presents under we made do with the snowman on the coffee table instead!)

Caily taking a time out with her animals....she just loves all things soft...
Playing with the wrapping paper rolls was just too much fun. Whenever Caily could grab one today she took it to Dave to play with. What a sweetheart.
In between it was back to playing with her puppy and her stroller.
Reading with Grandpa is always fun...when I asked her to smile for the camera she waved instead.
We all clapped when she walked into the Dining Room from the kitchen so she proceeded to do it again..and again...and again.....we were all laughing so hard. What an entertainer!
Darin and Caily enjoying the musical nativity that goes round and round...she was pointing out all the animals that she could name as they went by. I just thought this was such a cute picture.

After Dave opened his birthday gifts, it was Caily's turn to open gifts from her aunts and uncles...she loved her box with shoes and a new pair of Jeans from Matt and Heather(she loves shoes....wonder who she is related too?)
Next it was a Little People musical train from Jamie and Megs....Caily was so excited about the animals, train and the fact that it is musical. She loves music and is forever making all of her toys make music, often at the same time!
Showing Daddy how the animals fit in the's so much fun watching the wonder of discovery through the eyes of a toddler.

Well it's way past my bedtime but I thought you might all enjoy a peek into our day today down here in Texas.

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Anneliese said...

Sneaking in just in time to still wish Dave a Happy Birthday!

Karin said...

Blessings on your birthday! Christmas love should be available all throughout the year, eh!

Donnie and Trudy Miles said...

Doris, I've been checking Darin and Jody's blog daily for more updates when it just hit me that maybe you had posted! Wow...thanks so much for all these wonderful pictures. I know you're having a great time!!! Thanks again! Trudy