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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She Never Got to Say Goodbye

A week ago she went to work.

It was an ordinary day, and she posted on her Facebook page that '8 AM is must(much?) more reasonable and tolerable! But I have to make my own coffee.'

She headed off to work, never realizing that she wouldn't be back.

Did she know that this wasn't just any day?

Over the next two days her family came from near and far to say goodbye around her hospital bed. But she never got to say goodbye.

Eileen was an amazing woman who loved her Lord, her family and her friends. Friday night just before midnight she heard her Saviour welcoming her in....well done my good and faithful servant. You have finished the race.

I didn't see her often, but we always laughed together when we met and shared grandchildren updates. And today I am reminded that I might never know when my day comes. So in case you don't get to say goodbye, hug your loved ones often and never forget to tell them that you love them!


Karin said...

Amen! Having just again attended a funeral yesterday of one of our residents, I was reminded of the same thing. Have a meaningful Good Friday and a joyful Resurrection Sunday! Blessings!

Unknown said...

It is amazing how we just think that we will always see our loved ones walk by everyday, or talk to them on the phone becuase they are t far to see, kiss, or hug. I was in school when the day came, and didnt find out untill i went home late that afternoon. i walked in my mom's beauty shop and said hi like i always do, and went to kiss her in the check. Thats when i noticed the streaks of mascara running down her face and the sad look in her always gleeming eyes. She looked at me then at my cousin and asked him to take me out back and tell me. At first i was just confused, disoriented, wondering what had happened to make my mom so sad. Then, like pus oozing from an infected wound, the words came out of his mouth, covering me in dread and sorrow. My grandfather, 94 years old, had passed away the cold 23rd of December in 2008. I had loved him like i have never loved anyone my entire life. Not a day goes by that i dont think of him, or remember one of his wise phrases or advice.I never got the chance to say goodbye, and i think that is what tares at me every time i think of him. We should let those we love know how much we love them, and appriciate them everyday.

Anneliese said...

This morning there was an email in my inbox from my daughter .. it was a letter to her Oma, telling her of special memories and thanking her for being her Oma. It brought me to tears .. but she was saying goodbye, because we know her days are numbered. I thought, how special when we verbalize things now rather than at the funeral.

Anonymous said...

My Oma went home to be with the Lord on January 13 2010. Oma was 105 years old. Her last month of life was confined to a hospital bed in my parents home. Oma had broken her hip.
When I left to go back to my home, I knew I would not see her alive again, I told her I loved her, and she told me ich liebe dich auch--I love you too.. Those words mean so much to me... I tell my 17 year old son I love him everyday when he leaves for school..You just never

Lisa said...

So true. Always hug and tell your loved ones you do love them and never let the sunset on an argument, because you never know when it is your time. Thanks for sharing this story.

Arul said...

Happened to read by chance. Very much moved after reading it.

I agree, we should let those we love know how much we love them, and appreciate them everyday. Will follow it.

By the way, I loved your smile and your grand daughters are so cute!

God bless!

Katina A. Brown said...

AMEN! We don't know the day, nor the hour that we will have to answer when Heaven calls our name. Life Life to the Fullest everyday with the Love of God in our hearts. At the end of the day, how we've lived life is what really matters. Thanks for sharing!