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Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Thirty-three years ago our lives were forever changed in the wee hours of the morning! I was in the hospital because of high blood pressure and Dave was at home when the doctor came in the morning before and said that they couldn't wait any longer. Our lives, yours and mine, were in jeopardy and they were going to induce my labor. It was a very long day and everyone was sooo surprised when you finally arrived and were fullterm!! You were indeed our miracle baby having lived through a D & C when I was 6 weeks pregnant(and in those days they couldn't know that I was pregnant then yet...hard to believe in today's world I know!!!) Right from the start you knew exactly what you wanted!
God has answered our prayers and today you are a man after God's own heart, serving and loving Him, and married to your beautiful Megan! What a blessing she has been to you and to our family and it's fun to see how perfect you are together. God knew what He was doing when he brought the two of you together.
We love watching you and your boys, and you are an awesome Dad, whether it's wrestling, playing some ballgame, reading or playing in the pool.

They both want to be just like you when they grow up!

We are so proud of the man you have become - son, brother, husband, father, teacher, coach, friend. Have a wonderful birthday today Jamie(and Megs, please let him know that he should read this post since I know with working on his Master's this fall and the beginning of basketball season he probably isn't reading a lot of blog posts! :-)
We love you and are so thankful that you and your family live here in our city so we get to see you at church, at Sunday Dinners, in the gymn as you coach basketball games, over dinner and games on weekend nights, or sometimes just sharing blizzards on summer nights!


Darin and Jody said...

Happy Birthday big brother! You are getting so old:)

Anneliese said...

Happy Birthday, Jamie! All the best in this coming busy year!