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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bright Nights Christmas Train

Yesterday we spent the afternoon and evening with our two favorite Abby boys and their parents and headed into Vancouver to take in the Bright Nights at Stanley Park and take a ride on the Christmas Train. We had done it last year when everyone was home and the boys were so excited to be going again!
 We got there early enough so we could walk through all the animated displays. The boys were quite taken with everything and the weather even cooperated at first.
This Polar Bear was really, really big!!
It started to rain so we decided to go stand in line under the shelter.....even the engine had an umbrella on it to keep the Engineer's seat dry.
 We had fun while we waited.....
And we're off......
 Such excitement.....the boys both loved it! From there we headed to the Petting Zoo and then out for dinner.....and it even snowed on the way home! It really did feel like Christmas must be just around the corner!

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Heather said...

Love the pictures mom - wishing we could have been there too!