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Monday, January 10, 2011

Almost Altogether....

I took time off over Christmas to stay offline and just rest and relax, and since we got back from our northern Christmas the house has been full! But I just wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures from last weeks final Christmas celebration....Heather and Matt came down and my parents came back out before heading for home and we were almost altogether, just missing our Texans.
Oma and Opa were so excited about getting to know Kai better since it had been a whole year since they had seen him last and he has grown up in that time.
The three cousins had so much fun together and we actually managed to get this one picture of the three of them together(we tried earlier with Opa but that didn't work at all as you can see!)
We tried to bribe Kai with a yogurt melt but that didn't work either!
Who else but Opa would make a tower out of Jaxon's monster trucks?!!! He was sooooo impressed!!!

There are lots more pictures to share but they will wait for another day...for now, just a little glimpse....
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Darin and Jody said...

Looks like fun, although not quite crazy enough! Wish we could just drive over for family times like those, thanks for the pictures.

Anneliese said...

You've had busy family times . .. hosting and travelling and hosting again. Wishing you health for this coming year.