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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beck Bed and Breakfast

Saturday morning and once again I found myself stripping the beds in all three guest rooms
(yes we have three....three children's rooms converted into rooms for guests)
I felt like I had just done this
I realized that I had
Last Saturday
and the Saturday before
stripping three sets of bedding
(although this week it was the single bed in the third room and not the crib)
washing three sets of towels
cleaning not three but four bathrooms because of course we have ours as well
an ensuite for those of you that don't live in Canada
(do my Canadian friends realize that is a 'canadian' word for the bathroom off the master bedroom)
cleaning up after this week's overnight guests,
one in each room.

 An acquaintance once asked if I ran a Bed and Breakfast and I said 'no'.
but then I realized that I do....
I run the Beck Bed and Breakfast
I just don't get paid for each guest in dollars and cents
but I get paid in memories
and blessings
and friendship
which afterall is a gift far more precious than dollars and cents.

So come again guests...
to the Beck Bed and Breakfast,
come family and friends.
The beds are ready,
the bathrooms are clean.
Who will be next?


Karin said...

The Triple B - so cool - a 'Welcome Home' as our daughter's called hers! You are blessed!

Anneliese said...

The Tripple B it is ... I can't even say the other title, it's a tongue twister for sure... Beck Bread and Beckfast is what wants to come out.

Danielle said...

I'm next, I'm next!!

Harmony said...

Someday soon! :-)