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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


One of the most rewarding things for a parent is to see their adult child succeed  in doing something that they love. Although the basketball season has come to an end for Jamie's team, Dave and I enjoyed a couple of great playoff games last month. 

It was so neat to watch him coach a team that he had poured his time and energy into this year. They weren't much of a team back at the beginning of the season but by the end they were good enough to come in third in their league and move on to the Regional Fraser Valley Playoffs. Jamie is a great coach and his teams consistently do well. But one of the things that made me smile was hearing a parent tell me, "Mr Beck is an awesome coach. The boys respect him so much."

Respect.  In our world today there is definitely not a lot of respect anymore, for others, for property, you name it. But this parent felt it was important to tell me that her son and others on the team respected Mr. Beck. What a neat thing to hear about our son.......his team respected him! 
Way to go Coach!! We are so proud of you!

PS I took this picture in the gymn and thought it was a great one of Jamie coaching in action...


Anneliese said...

That is such a great compliment to hear from another parent! So great that Jamie can use his skills and witness in a place where he can make a difference.
Funny, I saw the huskies, but no people in the picture until you pointed him out.

Karin said...

Wow! What a fantastic photo! It certainly is heart warming when others are also thrilled to know our children and speak highly of them!