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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Spring Blossoms

 I love everything about spring but I especially love all the blossoms in the trees......I just had to grab the camera the other day and capture a few of them!
 How incredibly beautiful are these anyway?
The intricacy of each blossom never ceases to amaze me!!! Our God truly is an awesome God...the God of all Creation!


deep_blue_sea83 said...

Love your flower shots, Doris!

Karin said...

Oooooooooing and awwwwwwwwwing here! Just gorgeous Doris! Enjoy your Mother's Day!

Anneliese said...

Beautiful! (even though they are late...)

Earle Expedition said...

Ok, I am officially jealous. Your pictures are beautiful. The grass is just turning green here.