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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The week in pictures with Bria Elise

It's been another busy week here in Texas so I decided to take some time this morning to show you a few of the highlights. Of course the highlight was that Baby Bria Elise Miles came home in the wee hours of Monday morning so when we all woke up she was here!
We are all in love with her, but especially the girls who can't hold her enough.
It's been really hot here so we are thankful for good friends of the Miles' family who live close by and have a pool.

It's also where Jody and Darin had their last two horses boarded. This one, Guy, was sold Tuesday evening so everyone got one last ride.
Caily is a natural and loves riding...but Lexi wasn't so sure. She wanted to ride but was unsure once on the horse with Caily.
Another day while Jody waited at home for their Internet to get hooked up, the friend picked us up and we went to her house for a swim. But first some delicious popscicles.....perfect hot summer day!

The same friend is also a photographer and wanted to take some newborn pictures of Bria so I took a few on my phone as well. Bria cooperated nicely!
I love this picture of Bria in her father's a great perspective of size.
Little feet....
Then yesterday afternoon Dave is so fun to watch him with his girls!
 Bria thinks his shoulder is the perfect place for cuddling and sleeping! What joy there is to hold a newborn baby!


Abby said...

Great to meet Bria this week, and I love that last picture with her eyes open. precious. I know they are so blessed to have you here for these few weeks.

Lana said...

Gorgeous! You must be very very proud Mama Beck!

Karin said...

Wonderful photos of such a memorable occasion! Blessings to all!

trudymiles said...

Love, love, love all the pictures! Thanks so much for posting....I know you're having a wonderful time and proving to be an invaluable help! Keep the pictures comin'!

Anneliese said...

So so cute!!! Glad you can be there together now.I like how the popsicles match the girls' dresses.