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Friday, August 12, 2011

Build a Bear

This year we decided to give each of our grandchildren a trip to Build a Bear for their Birthdays. Since Lexi and Caily celebrated their special days in May and June, we had planned to wait until we came down and do it together with them after the baby arrived. So Friday morning while Jody and Bria headed off to an appointment, we were dropped off at the mall to Build two Bears.
 We were there early before the store opened..... the girls had a chance to look in the window and into the store and dream about what they were going to pick. It seemed like those doors were never going to open, but when they did, we were the first ones through!
 Lexi wasn't at all sure what she wanted.....even considering a long horn cow!!! Seriously! Only in Texas!
 Caily on the other hand knew almost right away exactly which one she wanted to pick!
Next it was time to fill their bears with stuffing....Lexi's was first! They each picked out their hearts to put into the bear and of course the sounds to go in, and then the stuffing began.
But she was just soooooooo excited when she got the finished bear...she just grabbed it and held it close.
 Caily got right into holding down the pedal to stuff her bear and took her responsibility very seriously.
 Lexi didn't like the stuffing machine at all.
 Then it was Caily's turn to be so excited about holding her finished bear! You can tell how excited she was about it.
 The next station was the bath area, where the bears each got an air bath and brushing.
 The girls picked out their bears' clothes, shoes, purses and cell phones.....and they were thrilled with the finished product. It still makes me smile just thinking about it!

What awesome memories....and they have their bears in their matching dresses to remember them by!!


Louisette said...

Lovely grandchildren familie, greeting from Belgium
Louisetet+2 golden retriever,one cat blue

Karin said...

That brings back memories with ours!

Mrs. Dick said...

What a great way to build memories.

Abby said...

What a fantastic birthday idea! Cute smiles, cute kiddos! great memories!

Anneliese said...

Hello, dear friend! Came home tonite and just had to peek in. This post brings back sweet memories of a date we had with a grandchild too. What a special Birthday date!

Rhonda said...

LOL I think I want a build-a-bear too!