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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taking Time to Peek

 I promised a tour of the house when we finished painting so here goes! Come on in!
When you walk through the front door this is your view. For now the walls in the living room are staying white, but the kitchen is painted with Cloud Burst(all the paints are Behr colors) and it is a beautiful color. Unfortunately I realized when I went to post these pictures that I forgot to get a picture of the finished kitchen. You can see the Master Bedroom off to the right though.

The color(Lime Light) was a gorgeous color but it definitely changed throughout the day from a pale blue to a greenish blue in the evenings. It was so restful.
 The Ensuite(I found out that's a Canadian word for the bathroom of the master bedroom) is large, and painted a color one shade darker than the bedroom(Contemplation). I liked this color so much I'm trying to figure out where I could paint this color in our house!

 Heading upstairs you come up the stairs right into the's a huge room and the girls absolutely love it!! The feature wall is painted Agave Frond, a beautiful dark rich color.
 To the right, is the laundry room painted a lovely, bright Asparagus. Jody is so excited about having a laundry room inside the house!!
Beside the laundry room is another bathroom which will be the girls bathroom for most of the time so they decided to paint it a bright pink(Deep Bloom) to match the bathmat that Jody had. It was such a beautiful rich color and the girls loved it! Lexi kept telling me that I was painting 'her' bathroom!!
Right beside the bathroom is the girls bedroom which is painted in Dreamy White which has a pinkish purple tinge.
And beside their room is the guest room, painted a lovely Creek Bend Grey!
And there you have it! All except the half bath off the living room which we didn't get finished before I left but I have it on good report that Darin tackled it after I left so it should be finished by now too. After all this painting, now I have the itch to start painting here at home! Good thing I don't have the time to do it right was fun seeing the transformation though! Great choices of colors Jods!

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Rachel Oberg said...

It's so fun to see their new house and all the paint colors! Thanks for sharing!