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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Seven Under Five

As I sit here at Heather and Matt's, waiting for our newest grandchild to arrive, I have to marvel at the fact that our oldest grandchild, Aidan, who just turned 5, is starting Kindergarten! Where did the years go? I still remember the day he was born and officially became a grandmother so well.
 We had so much fun on his birthday, taking just him out on a date.
He wanted to go mini-golfing so off we went. He showed me how to do it since I had never been at that particular mini-golf course and assured me that with practice I would improve.
 It was a beautiful evening, much like the evening he was born.
After we finished our game, we went to the White Spot for Dinner...he had so much to say, and jabbered the entire time! He's growing up...and we are so blessed!
We are so very blessed, not just once but 7 times over, to hold our children's children and watch them grow, to spend time with them, to laugh with them and make memories with them, and above all else to call them our grandchildren! Thank you Lord....for each one! And we are still waiting for Number 7....stay tuned any day now for an update!

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Anneliese said...

Was just checking! Happy Birthday to Aidan!