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Monday, January 16, 2012

Making the Most of the Magic

While other people take their Christmas Trees and decorations down the week after Christmas, I resist! As a good friend said to me, if I leave everything up then I feel like the magic of Christmas will continue. That is sort of how I feel this year. Our Christmas together as a family was filled with so much magic, so many memories.

This picture hangs on my wall, and even though it is a Christmas Tree I'm not sure I am going to take it down anytime soon. You see Jody made it for us out of her girls' handprints and little Bria's footprint. And when I look at it, it definitely makes me smile and think of our Texas Sweethearts and how much fun it was to have them here.

As we sat and talked one afternoon during the holidays, the girls and I agreed that it wasn't the gifts that were important at all, it was just being together. And this gift reminds me of being together.

#49. a Christmas gift that keeps the magic of Christmas going strong into January

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Karin said...

Because it is an evergreen tree it should be able to stay up all year, lol!! I love seeing all these artwork creations the young moms do; there are no two alike as each hand and foot print is unique! So cute!