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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Welcome to Manzanillo

 After two wonderfully relaxing days at sea, our first port was Manzanillo, Mexico.
This is a relatively new stop on the Mexican Riviera Cruises, added when the unrest in Mazatlan resulted in the Cruise Lines not stopping there anymore.
 You could tell that they were still in the process of getting ready for cruise passengers.
 I guess you could call the flavor of the town, rustic.
 But it was warm and we were enjoying relaxing with friends.
 The little city park looked like it was planned around this one large sculpture in the center.
 People enjoyed just sitting in the shade of the trees along the edge.
 Our ship was the only one in port on this particular day.
 The little fishing boats were everywhere in the harbor.
 Rustic....sleepy.....and not at all commercialized....a great first stop on our Mexican Riviera Cruise.

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Anneliese said...

Our crusise did not stop in Manzanillo this time, but it was my favorite the time before.