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Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Buds

Kai could hardly go to sleep last night because this morning Jaxon was coming!!! While Heather and Matt have been down here staying with us while Matt takes his courses, Kai looks forward to Mondays when I have Jaxon here for the day.
First on the agenda is our walk! Fortunately we can convert the stroller into a double stroller so we are off. Jaxon was holding the leash so we could Tikka along on the walk too.
 Every day Kai asks us if Jaxon is coming today.
These two cousins have lots in common...they love playing, and it doesn't need to have structure or rules. In fact they really don't care if anyone wins or loses....and are content to run in circles without end.

And when they are tired of running? Well then it is time to go find a corner and make a tent....or on the other hand just lay down on one another and keep right on playing! They are definitely my Monday Buds and I am sure going to miss both of them next Monday when summer holidays are here and our northern visitors will be back home again.

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Heather said...

Kai is already missing his Monday bud ... I will have to show him theses pictures tomorrow :)