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Friday, November 09, 2012

Purging...where to start?

A friend asked the question on Facebook, 'how do you decide what to purge?' I realized that in the process of packing up for our move, there have been some definite guidelines that I have followed, and as I read some of the other comments, I thought that this might be helpful for others as well. So here you have it...for what it's worth!

Questions to ask to help you decide what to purge:

1. Have I worn this in the past year? If not, why not?

2. Do I really need this? or, How many of these do I need?

3. How often do I use this?

4. Could someone else make better use of this than I do?

5. Am I holding on to this because I think it's important? What if I am suddenly taken out of the picture and my kids have to clean it up. Will it mean anything to them? Do they even know who is in that old picture?!?! 

6. Is there someone out there who just wishes they had one of these, or put another way, by hanging on to this , am I denying someone who would really make much better use of this than I am? 

7. Will this still be in this box when I move again in 20  years?

Well there you go, just a few questions to ask yourself. I would love to hear if you have some more to add to the list. I am sure that when it comes time to unpack there will still be things to purge! 


Karin said...

Great list of questions Doris! I don't mind having a good supply of staples in my pantry - but I make sure that the first in is then the first out. I love having things well organized too, so that I can see at a glance what I have and what I still need. ---It's ok to have some keepsakes, but unfortunately some folks have real trouble of letting go of their stuff. I remember one of our tenants, who was 100, and still had a room full of fabrics - I kid you not - floor to ceiling - fortrel among them, LOL!
Have fun arranging your new place!

Unknown said...

It's such an overwhelming job! We just have done this as well. Even as we're moving there's things that I don't understand why I packed them. For me, my biggest issue is unfinished projects or things I 'might need' or 'just in case'. When you've had them 6 years and you haven't finished the project or needed it - it's time to let go. I want to be very mindful of what I'm buying and what the purpose is. Fabric is a problem for me. It's always "I love it now, I'll use it someday" (especially if it's on sale!). I need to buy what I want for the stuff I'm doing RIGHT NOW. There's also sentimental items that are broken - then what?? A beautiful purse/wallet from Africa that my MIL gave us. It's broken and will never be used, but how do I get rid of it??? It's so hard!!!

Beck's Bulletin said...

I totally understand Carman! I know that I will probably throw out lots more when I unpack(in fact just finished packing a box that will probably go straight into my first box for MCC from our new house!!! I threw out a lot of unfinished projects tonight out of my 'craft' cupboard. Decided if they hadn't been finished by now it probably wasn't going to happen in my lifetime!!

Julene said...

Hi Doris!
I love your purging questions. So good to ponder.
I hope you feel very much at home in your new place!
Love Julene