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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our house to yours! We have spent the last four weeks since we got back from Texas unpacking, sorting, painting, hanging pictures and generally getting settled in here. On Saturday night we were able to celebrate Christmas together as a family, minus our Texas sweethearts.
Halle was very excited about all things Christmas...trees, lights, ornaments and of course presents.
Kai was more excited about the fact that Aidan and Jaxon were coming. He loves playing with his cousins.
Jaxon really wasn't into having his picture taken.
Aidan on the other hand was much more cooperative.
I bribed Jaxon and promised they could open the presents if he would cooperate.
Halle was another matter...she wanted to go!
An extra treat was having my parents join us as well...four generations under one roof! It was so much fun watching them play with and enjoy their great-grandchildren.

We are blessed and our hearts are full! We trust that you are enjoying Christmas with your family tonight as well. May you remember that first Christmas and the baby that came to save us. As our pastor reminded us, Christmas truly was a rescue mission! Merry Christmas!

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Earle Expedition said...

What a beautiful family. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas at your new place.