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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Anyone that knows me knows that I love taking pictures, especially of our grandchildren, in part because they help me to remember and always bring a smile to my face.
Here are a few of the ones that make me smile from our trip up north....Kai and Halle playing Hungry Hippos with Bup....
 Halle looking her cute self...
 There is always mischief in those big blue eyes!
 You never knew where you would find Kai sitting....feet in the air....
 ...on top of Dave...
...or curled up beside him playing on the iPad.
 Halle loved playing on phones and iPads as well although she couldn't always figure out how to make them work the way she wanted them to.
 Kai loved taking pictures on his new camera.(and yes, I am holding a baby doll that Halle gave me to rock)
 Kai warming up beside Dave after shovelling snow in his pj's outside.
 Halle is definitely Daddy's girl and I love the look that they are sharing on this picture.
 Kai helping Mommy make us muffins for breakfast.

So many things to smile about!

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Anonymous said...

Now if you would have liked an all out belly laugh more than a smile it was my grand kids teaching me to dance Gangham style on New Year's Eve ! Thanks for sharing these delightful photos. Anne.