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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Working Together

Playing together with our grandchildren is lots of fun but they also love to work with us as we found out when the we spent the day with the boys last week. Dave asked if they wanted to help wash the car and they were all excited!! Aidan got to help first, rinsing the dirt off. He was so proud of himself.
Next it was Jaxon's turn! He could hardly hang on to the wand with all the water pressure coming through.
The second step was soaping up the car.....they couldn't believe how to soap came out of the brush onto the car.
Aidan stopped to read the sign to see what came next. It was so fun to hear him reading the words on the sign....a brand new stage of life.
Then came the rinse! Unfortunately by then a breeze had come up so Jaxon and I got sprayed and had to go dry out in the sun, but Aidan just put his hood on to keep dry!
We had so much fun doing something as simple as washing the car! You just never know what fun you can have in doing the ordinary things of life!

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Anneliese said...

Looks like, not just fun for the boys but fun for the adults too!