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Friday, June 07, 2013

Wise Words

We attended the 80th birthday party of my uncle on the weekend, a testimony to God's faithfulness considering he had a major heart attack and quintuple bypass surgery 25 years ago! As we sat at the dinner table we asked what kind of advice he had for us. I've been thinking of his words ever since.

Enjoy today for today is all you have. Don't worry about what you don't have, or what you wish you had, but enjoy today and what you have!

We talked about it yesterday as we walked along the beach. We have today and for that we are truly thankful. We are blessed with each other, and we enjoy each and every day that we get to spend together. We are content and so incredibly blessed!

Oh we aren't wealthy as some would count wealth. But we are wealthy beyond comprehension in family and friends. God has always taken care of us, above and beyond what we could possibly ask. And we are enjoying today!

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Anneliese said...

So true! Seize the day! Sometimes easier said than done, but maybe that is why it's called "seize" or grab a hold of it.