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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Starting Them Young

 Summertime is a great time for making memories and that's what we are doing this month...
 ...first with our northern grands and then last week with our boys.
 We got to spend several days with their family at Desert Canyon in Washington State and the boys were so excited that they got to go to the Driving Range. We are starting them young!
 Jaxon wanted to take a picture.....he has the eye of a photographer don't you think?
 One very proud Grandpa in this picture.
 So much fun seeing our son with his son on this picture.
 Aidan was so excited to be able to golf 9 holes after dinner one night...
 ...this was his chance to try his hand at the course.
 He just loved golfing with his Dad and Pa.
 Before we checked out, we had to head down to the Driving Range one last time to use up the balls that they had gathered up the night before.
Someday these two will be golfing with their sons, just like their Daddy!

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