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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Passing on the Baton

I love this picture of my mother and her only sister, two girls in a family with 6 brothers! My aunt was the second oldest and Mom the second youngest so there were 14 years between them, and yet they were such good friends.

Last Friday we gathered together at my aunt's funeral to say goodbye. She had lived an amazing life, reached the age of 92 and been married to the same man for 73 years!!! We marveled as we watched our 96 year old uncle say, 'goodbye sweetheart' after all those years together. What a challenge to all of us who were married in that room.

Two and half years ago at another family funeral I had taken this picture, not knowing that this brother and sister would be the ones we would have to say goodbye to next within less than 4 months of each other. For my mother it has meant losing both a brother and her only sister.

For Dave and I, between us we have lost 4 aunts and uncles this year.....all amazing people who loved Jesus and faithfully prayed for their family and friends. We are keenly aware of the hole that is left in our families with these special aunts and uncles now residing in heaven.

It has also challenged us to pick up the baton that they have passed on. Who will pray for our family members? Who will connect? On Dave's side of the family one of his cousins decided to start a round robin email and it has been great to connect that way with cousins from literally all over the continent. It's given us a chance to share prayer requests and updates on health concerns. And for those that have lost their parents, they still have a way to share what's happening in their families.

As the older generation moves on, we are next in line and the baton is passed on to us.....what will we do with it?
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