We are on a journey, sojourners on this earth. Let us share with you the highs and lows of our lives. Heaven is a sweeter place now that we have two beautiful granddaughters waiting there for us.

Monday, September 30, 2013

A House or a Home

 Every morning when I open my kitchen blinds I am greeted by these beautiful plants...
 ...but somehow this morning with the sun shining on them they made me pause and give thanks.
 I am so thankful that a year ago God saw fit to bring a couple through our old house that absolutely loved it and wanted to buy it even though our real estate contract was expiring by the end of the month...
 ...and as a result we were able to make this house our home. You see a house is just a house without the people in it. But when you add love, well that's what makes it a home. I've been thinking about that a lot as Dave was back in Minnesota emptying out his childhood home. It's just an empty shell now.
People have often asked this past year if we miss our old house and we honestly answer, 'no, not at all'. Because this is our home and we absolutely love it! Picked out especially for us, and perfect for this season of our lives. If you are in the neighborhood why not stop in for a visit and see!

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