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Monday, January 27, 2014

Playground Memories

We are setting records here at the West Coast for days without precipitation while the rest of the continent seems to be in a giant deep freeze. Dave and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and go walk around the lake here in town.
 There were people of all ages everywhere!!! It was crazy how many people there were....
 .....and I couldn't help but remember how empty everything was when we were there in December.
 We almost had the entire playground to ourselves..... the cousins enjoyed playing together!
 These two look more like sisters than cousins.....
.....and of course everyone had to take their try at skipping rocks on the ice!
But not this was warm, almost spring-like as we sat on a bench and took this self-portrait! We do love living out here!


Miss Debbie said...

Glad you are having pretty weather! They are forecasting snow tonight here in middle Georgia...a rare we will see. Hopefully I will have some pretty snow pics like yours to post! Love the paper bag monsters. I think my grands would enjoy those. Where did you find them? Thanks for visiting my making new friends!

Beck's Bulletin said...

Miss Debbie, the paperbag monster kit was bought off Zulily I think. My daughter bought it so I am not sure.