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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Surprised by Snow

 I was woken up by shrieks of 'It's snowing!!!!!' Our Texans couldn't believe their eyes!
 Big huge flakes had been falling for several hours already and demanded a trip outside.
 Kai had slept overnight with his other grandmother so it was girls only playing in the snow!
 They couldn't wait to build a snowman where they could see it from inside.
 Then it was time to go into the backyard where Heather showed them how to make snow angels....
 It was entire backyard with no footsteps in it!
 Even Colson got bundled up to come out and feel the snow.
 Next we grabbed the lid of the trash can and headed for the hill at the end of the grass...
 ...everyone got a turn...
 ...they found out they could go much faster if they laid themselves down flat...
 Halle and Lexi were our little adrenalin addicts!!
Dave found a piece of cardboard that worked even much fun!!
What a wonderful surprise!!!

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Anneliese said...

I enjoyed these pictures! What a blessing that the snow came when they were here!