We are on a journey, sojourners on this earth. Let us share with you the highs and lows of our lives. Heaven is a sweeter place now that we have two beautiful granddaughters waiting there for us.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Beautiful Valentines

I'm thinking of my beautiful Valentines today,
spread all over the continent!

There's Aidan who made me a grandmother, 
growing oh so big with a twinkle in his eye
and gaps in his mouth.

 There's Jaxon with the biggest giggle ever
and a love for popcorn that matches my own!

 My Texans may live far away but they are never far away in my thoughts and prayers.
Caily and Lexi gave me a taste for what it meant to have granddaughters,
Someone to bake with,
and of course someone to share my lip gloss with any time we go out!
Bria and Halle fill out the contingent of granddaughters 
and oh what fun these two two-year-olds had together at Christmas! 
It makes me smile to think of them growing up together
sharing things that only two girl cousins can share.
Colson may be our youngest Texan but he is in such a hurry to grow up
crawling already trying to catch up to his sisters.
Kai is unique among our littles,
the only brown-eyed one and they are so big,
with a smile to go with it!
 Kai and Bria forged a special bond at Christmas,
maybe because she doesn't have an older brother
but he does have a younger sister the very same age.
This picture just made me smile
because so often where one was, 
there also was the other.
Halle is our northern princess
and oh how she loves to dress up
complete with her fancy boots!
This little gal is one determined munchkin
who hasn't met a word she couldn't say
or a task she couldn't try.
She tells me now that she can skate
by just taking 'little tiny steps'.

Our four Canadian Littles love spending time together...
 ...but at Christmas it was even better
to have 'all the cousins together' as Aidan looked forward to.
 And of course when I think of my Valentines 
I can't forget my Special Valentine!
Thank you Sweetheart for choosing me to grow old with you
I truly wouldn't want to be going down this road with anyone else!

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Miss Debbie said...

Such a sweet post! You have beautiful grands and it sounds like you know them well! :-)