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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Running for Water

Today was a busy day around here as our family took part in the 7th annual Run for Water along with almost 4500 other runners in a variety of distances. They expect that today's run will have raced almost $250,000 for clean water in Ethiopia!! Pretty exciting stuff!
Matt left at the crack of dawn(well almost anyway!) for the beginning of the Marathon, so we didn't see him leave but we were up to see Heather leave for the 10 K race. Halle and Kai were so excited that today was the big race day that their parents have been training for over the past months.
Heather had barely left to start the 10 K when Matt's cousin crossed the finish line first after completing the Marathon.(His time is on the left, the time for the Half Marathon is next, and then the 10 K time is on the right)
As soon as we saw him cross the finish line, we walked over to where the young Becks were warming up for the beginning of the 5 K run.
Aidan was so excited to be running it for his third time!
 (and yes, it was raining which is why you see raindrops falling in front of the picture!)
 And they are off....Aidan went speeding by with Jamie in hot pursuit trying to keep up...
 ...and Megan and Jaxon weren't far behind.
We just barely made it back to the finish line in order to watch Matt finish his first marathon!! We were so proud of him...He was 17th out of 244 who ran the marathon... Totally awesome for his very first marathon 3 hours 10 minutes and 58 seconds!!!! Amazing!!!!
 Heather wasn't far behind finishing her 10 kilometer race with a smile on her face!
 And then we headed back across the park to watch for the 5 kilometer finishers.....
Aidan cut 12 minutes off his time from last year, finishing in 29:47(8th in his age group for 7 and under)... came Megan and Jaxon, who weren't far behind finishing in 37:40.
 It was so fun to watch everyone participate and cheer for one another.
 So proud of all of our runners today!! Well Done!


Anneliese said...

Hay! What a family of runners! So great to be able to set a good example and to cheer one another on! Congratulations all around!

Miss Debbie said...

Wow...I'm tired just reading about it!! What a great job they did and for a great cause! Good for them!!

Anonymous said...

It was a great day. As i got to see you there cheering on your wonderful family. congratulations to all. Louise

Earle Expedition said...

How neat for the family to do it together. My sister, sister-in-law and I are doing a triathlon next Saturday. Connor and 4 of his cousins are doing a tinbit triathlon too.