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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

 There's nothing better to do on a warm spring or summer evening than to watch a game of baseball...
 ...especially when one of my favorite grandsons happens to be playing! 

 They use a 'pitching machine' for the Grade 2's....and when players play 'pitcher' they have to really keep their eyes on the ball in case it gets hit!
 It amazes me to see these little guys actually make contact with that ball...
 ...and make contact he does!
 I love watching this boy run!!!

And he makes it home!!!


Miss Debbie said...

Our 7 yr old grandson is playing machine pitch ball, too. It is so much fun cheering them on, isn't it??

Anneliese said...

Must be so much fun to do this second generation time around.