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Friday, May 09, 2014

Through the Eyes of a Child

 One of the fun things that we enjoy doing with our Texans is a visit to Sea World. Contrary to what you might see or hear, it's an awesome place to take the family to observe and learn about marine life.(don't believe everything you see online folks!)
 The girls loved just watching the dolphins playing and swimming...
 ...and Caily was even brave enough to reach out to try to touch them as they swam by.
 For the first time Colson got to get out of the stroller and watch too...
 ...there was so much to see!
 Sea horses...
 ...brightly coloured tropical fish...
 ...and of course, 'Nemo' fish aka clown fish!
 It was so much fun to just watch all four children with eyes glued to the glass!
 Outside at the shows, it was no different.
 Colson was amazed!!!
 Lexi and Bria looked like they weren't even breathing...
...and Colson just clapped and clapped and clapped with joy!!!

What a great day, especially when seen through the eyes of a child!

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Anneliese said...

Don't you find all of these experiences so much more fun through the eyes of a child? That's one of the fun parts of being grandparents.