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Friday, June 20, 2014


Do you ever have things in your life or around your home that you wish were different,
but you keep putting them off because you think it is just going to be too much work?
Our bathroom counters were such an example, the purplish blue was outdated...
as was our outdated stairway railing.
I am blessed with a daughter who loves to paint and try out new things so she tackled the railing first.
The result was wonderful and I had to ask myself, why did it take so long to just 'get 'er done'?
The same was true of the bathroom counters which after they were primed and painted,
turned out looking much more up to date...
and a lot cheaper than granite!
She also painted our 'Kid's Room' as we affectionately call it along with miles of trim!

It got me thinking, 
why do I put things off?

Why do I not just jump in and do what needs to be done?

Sometimes it just seems too hard,
or too much work,
or maybe not worth it.

But as these projects showed me once again
it's worth it.
Making the time,
putting in the work,
and transformation will happen!

What have you been putting off today?

Why not put it into your schedule and see what can be transformed in your life?


Anneliese said...

I might need to borrow someone who gets things done and it looks like you have that person in your life. =) You have a talented daughter there!

Karin said...

What a great job - but one does need someone who knows what they're doing so as not to botch up the project!

Miss Debbie said...

Great job!! It is easy to postpone, but I am getting a little better about tackling things. However, lately we've been pretty tied up with grands...hoping to get a couple of things done next week! I have a daughter who jumps in with both feet, too. She inspires me!