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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fishing 101

 In another country, time and space, a young boy went fishing every Sunday afternoon with his grandfather and friend on a lake in Minnesota. 
In the next generation, that young boy's son learned to fish from his grandfather...
So it put a smile on my face every time I saw these two standing on the end of the dock with the fishing pole! They were definitely the two that took it seriously.
 Another morning Halle and I walked out to check and the three boys all had their rods out... took both Dave and Jamie to keep the lines straight...
 ...and without knots.
 Jamie and Megan also brought their kayaks along,
 so a couple of times they took the boys and their rods out farther into the lake.
Although they did get some bites,
they never did catch a fish.
 But really who needs to catch a fish anyway?
 It would have been a bonus.
The last time Jamie and Aidan went out in the kayak Aidan decided to reverse the roles....
so much fun to be had as he paddled it onto shore!

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