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Friday, September 12, 2014

Visitors Big and Small

Although we are sometimes asked if we run a Bed and Breakfast because of all the visitors we have,
the answer is 'no'...not really!
But we do offer bed and breakfast to any and all friends that might stop by,
like our good friends Cliff and Edith who were here from the prairies,
and who we have walked this journey of life with over the past three decades.
 Oh how we laughed as we caught up over the days they were here.
 Then there is this 'Peeper Frog' that has taken up residence in our flowers this summer.
We love hearing his unique sounds.
 With the teachers on strike here in BC, I have had some unexpected time with our grandsons too
which is always fun!
Had to laugh at where these shoes were hung on Friday.
Our most recent guests were Ken and Grace
whom we have known for the past 40 years!!
Crazy, I know! We can't possibly be that old.
What fun it was to take them to White Rock
for their very first visit there ever.
What we didn't know is that it was the Weekend of the Moon Festival
and the pier was all decked out for the occasion.

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Anneliese said...

I like the glimpse you showed of the boys being over. =)