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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Just Saying....

 I used to laughingly say that I was my father's only son...
because I was the one that when someone had to learn a skill from Dad,
it was me....
....whether it meant painting the fence, 
mowing the lawn,
or learning to change a tire 
when Mom and my sister and I headed out on a road trip without him.

Besides which I was the ultimate tomboy of the '50's!
I loved being outside, 
playing baseball,
watching football and hockey with my Dad.

Which has me thinking in these days of transgender rights being in the news....
did that make me any less of a little girl?

Absolutely Not!
And my parents knew that and let me be who I was...
a girl who loved the outdoors and sports.

 Which brings me to this awesome picture of our northern grands,
Optimus Prime(a Transformer for those of you that don't recognize him) 
and the 'Superhero Fairy'!
That's right....
Halle couldn't decide which character she wanted to be,
so she decided to put the two together!

And why not?
She has older boy cousins,
and a big brother who  love pretending that they are superheroes.

I love it!
She is all girl...
but she also loves to play soccer and go hunting with Daddy...
...just like her Nana.....
my little superhero fairy!

Just Saying.......

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