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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Christmas Memories

After a couple of weeks away from my computer I took the time this afternoon to finally download the pictures off my camera....our Christmas was much quieter this year, but still there are so many wonderful memories. Christmas Eve we celebrated with Jamie, Megan, Aidan and Jaxon.
It was a special time of celebration with just the six of us....our near grandchildren who are our 'big boys'.
 Jaxon is learning to read and was delighted to get the books he had asked for.
Both of the boys were thrilled to get books so that they could put them into their backpacks for their flights to Michigan the next day.
 So many fun memories which bring a smile to my face.
Early Christmas Day they headed to Michigan and we packed up our car and hit the highway north.
 Needless to say Kai and Halle were so excited when they saw the box of Christmas presents that we had brought along from all the family members.  Of course they had to help Daddy and Mommy open their presents as well as their own.
 Not sure why it seems as if the smallest person always has the largest gift!!
 Of course there is always some assembly required so Matt and Kai got right to work to assemble Kai's Lego Tow Truck before we sat down to our Christmas Dinner.
As we fell asleep that night I couldn't help but be thankful for the Christmas memories, 
even though our Texans were far away in South Carolina.

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Anneliese said...

Great pictures to go along with your precious memories, Doris! I can well imagine how you missed one family but
glad you had the best of two worlds.