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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hand in Hand

He's so quick to slip his hand in mine,
and it fits perfectly.

We walked home from school like that today,
the two of us 
talking about his day,
talking about what we would do when we got home.

I love that feeling,
of a little hand held tightly in mine,
that sense of belonging
like we are exactly where we should be.

It makes me think about my Heavenly Father,
does he also wish for me to slip my hand in His,
to talk about my day 
as we walk along?

Or am I too often running ahead,
or lagging behind,
or worrying about what might or might not be?

Hand in hand,
that's how it ought to be!

1 comment:

Anneliese said...

This is a great picture for me, especially because I know the difference between a grand that likes holding my hand to one who does not like to hold my hand. There is a whole lot that comes with it... safety, that sense of belonging, dependency and sharing together. I do need to think now of how my Father feels about me. Do I gladly take His hand? It is so much safer and easy to walk and talk when you are holding hands.