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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cousin Fun

 After not seeing each other for over a year, the cousins slowly warmed up to each other.
We chuckled the first morning when the oldest three sat on the patio reading!
But by the time dinner was served, they were more than comfortable at their own table,

while Colson joined us at the adult table.

 There was lots of fun to be had...
 whether playing 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'
...or learning to play 'Bonanza'...

 ...or Chicken Foot.
I played the first game with them...
 ...but after that they played it all on their own! Even Bria joined right in!
 Colson loved being with the big boys, whether just sitting on the couch watching basketball or actually playing ball.
 The pairings changed, but they sure had fun together!

 So many fun memories!

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Anneliese said...

I really enjoyed these photos! I had boy cousins and I loved being with them when I could as we did not live in the same country either.