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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On My Kitchen Windowsill

 I'm headed into the kitchen a lot these days,
filling up Dave's glass of ice water
or his next dose of medication, 
and when I do,
the flowers on my windowsill make me smile.
 The Amaryllis was a gift from my aunt 
and it was so fun to watch it sprout and grow
and finally have the flowers appear.
 The flowers were a deep red, 
so magnificent.
 I've discovered the joy of orchids 
and was so thrilled when this one decided to bloom again,
first with one flower
and then with more and still more to come!
 This bottom one was a gift from Dave months ago...
And it just keeps making me smile!


Anneliese said...

I like that shot with the amaryllis and the white rhododendrons in the background.

Lynne Halloran said...

Hi! Those flowers are beautiful. My grandmother had an amaryllis. They are so easy to care of. I have a Christmas cactus on near my window. It blooms pink and white flowers. It's blooming now. It's always a nice and beautiful surprise to see flowers bloom. Have a nice day!

Lynne Hollaran @ SubUrban Glass