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Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Drive

While we were up north we went for a Sunday afternoon drive to explore a new park that they hadn't visited before.
 As we drove up the hill to the park and past the flower beds,
it reminded me of the Sunday afternoon drives we used to take when I was growing up.
 They happened after our family Sunday dinners and a quiet time, 
and often were planned around a park where my parents could have a view of the city,
 ...or a park to look at beautiful flowers.
We found the perfect place to take a family picture of our northern family!
 Then it was time to do what we always did on our Sunday afternoon drives,
go for a walk...Jude was ready!
 We found the perfect stump to climb on...
 ...perfect for climbing AND picture taking!!!
 Just around the corner there was a big rock...
 Halle wasn't at all impressed...
 even though Kai tried his best to love on her! :-)
 So he decided it would be a great spot for jumping instead...
...again .... and again.... and again!
 Whether looking at the flowers or the anthill by the tree, was a great time together as a family...
 ...which made me realize why my parents took us for Sunday afternoon drives!
 Time to have fun and explore,
 time to be together as a family,
 time to make memories together!
 Well for most of us anyway....Jude had a nap instead!
What a blessing to just take a Sunday afternoon drive,
and walk around the park together as a family.
My parents sure had a great idea!

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Anneliese said...

Sunday afternoon drives and walks to the park never grow old! Such a nice family photo! Where has time gone?