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Monday, September 21, 2015

Getting to Know You

One of the hard things about having our grandchildren living in a different country
is that it is easy to feel like we don't really know them that well.
That's sort of how we felt about Colson since we had only seen him once in the last year
and the change from a one year old toddler to a two year old little boy
is a huge difference.
 We both definitely counted it a blessing that we could 'get to know Colson' when we were in Texas.
He loves to read, and loves his 'neighs'(or horses)...
 He is not only all boy...
 ...but he is also fearless! 
He loves to just jump in the water and swim even though he forgets to come up for air.
 He is a real character with a wonderful sense of humour.
It really was wonderful getting to know you Colson...
...getting to know all about you!

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Anneliese said...

I know I was surprised when I found out he was two. I kept thinking he was still a baby. It's a lot of fun to have a boy after several girls! Love that photo of him wearing the cap!