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Friday, December 30, 2016

Best Pick of Christmas Books

Before we came up north for Christmas,
I grabbed some of my favourite Christmas books to read to the kids.

This one, God Gave Us Christmas, 
is the story of a little cub 
who is shown the story of Christmas in nature 
and is a great read for younger children.

 The Innkeeper's daughter is an old book,
that I read to our children years ago, 
by famous author, Jill Briscoe.
It tells the story of Keturah,
the Innkeeper's daughter,
who has lived her entire life with crippled hands
for which she has been ridiculed.

She finds herself at the manger,
holding the newborn babe...
...a great read!
 The last book that I brought along is a new to me book, 
that has been in print for 20 years. 
It tells the story of Jonathan Toomey,
a woodcarver otherwise known as Mr. Gloomy,
and his encounter with a young boy, Thomas.
 The Christmas story told through the eyes of this seven-year-old
is wonderful and the illustrations are fantastic!
Reading this to my 7 year old grandchildren made it extra-special!

So if you like to buy books,
this might be a good chance to get these on sale...
...check them out!

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