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Thursday, March 02, 2017

An Unexpected Adventure

 We were heading for Jaxon's basketball game south of the border
and in typical border fashion we left early
but there wasn't a long line-up! Surprise!
 The result was that we got to the dozy little border town way too early
and lots of time to poke around! 
It was so pretty and serene under the beautiful bright blue winter sky.
 Jaxon was worried we would get lost,
and not find our way back,
but for the rest of us,
this was an unexpected adventure...
 Time to just have some time together and enjoy the sunshine...
too bad Jaxon only had his basketball shorts on!


Ruth said...

Poor Jaxon looks like he's freezing! Guess he'll have to dress warmer for his next unexpected adventure!☺️

Beck's Bulletin said...

It's true, he was freezing!! He had decided NOT to put on his jogging pants that were in the car and regretted that decision! :-)