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Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Sure Sign of Spring

The weather has finally warmed up and we are all loving it! The boys enjoyed a walk with Papa and Mimi when they were over on the weekend and Dave captured the 'double-decker' stroller. Quite the neat way for them both to travel.

Aidan was very taken by the 'ducks' and has wanted to go back to the park everytime he is at our house now. I love the vibrant colors of the male mallard in the spring!
And finally, my daffodils, lovingly planted on a cold and windy October afternoon, have opened up to embrace the sunshine! They are so cheery and I love opening the blinds in the morning and seeing them right there in the front flowerbed under my living room windows.
These big 'King Alfred' daffodils were supposed to be the last ones that opened but I guess the spring was just too cold. I am sure the rest of the bulbs won't be far behind with the beautiful weather we have had this week.


Em said...

Wow! I miss the spring of home... Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

trudymiles said...

Great pictures, Doris. I was checking tosee if there was a "baby Miles" update....write me now if you hear something! Your little grandsons are precious!

Anneliese said...

Beautiful post and photos! No "other" news must be good news! The womb is still the best place for now and we're thankful for every day. I hope Jody gets to go home for Easter.

Amanda Barkey said...

wow i am so jealous! i dont think my bulbs will bloom for another month or so! we are just getting excited because our grass is turning from brown to slightly green :)

Courtney and Jon said...

Great spring pictures. I LOVE the spring. Today it is pouring rain mind you but now we know it's not too far off.
Really random question, where were you walking with the boys? I am trying to figure out what trail that is and can't. haha :o)

Beck's Bulletin said...

Fishtrap Creek Park down the street from us Courtney! It's an awesome park complete with a playground, ducks and even softball diamonds to watch games(little boys and big boys both like doing that!)