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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Big & Little

Yesterday morning we had the boys with us while Jamie and Megs went shopping for trees and shrubs for their landscaping project(their entire yard!) Dave and I had talked about possibly going to the park or the playground but in the end decided to just do some of the tasks that needed doing in our yard since it was such a beautiful Saturday and there was no shortage of things to do. They boys were just so excited to be with us doing the everyday things. Jaxon helped me as I picked the dead blossoms off the rhododendron bushes and Aidan was helping Pa mix up the Fish Fertilizer and then pour it onto the plants. He was just so excited to be holding the hose while the pail filled up and then helped Dave walk it to the plant.
But then both boys grew tired of helping us us and decided to play with the hammers they had found in Dave's Tool Box.
They were building....big and little, with their different sizes of hammers.

I had to laugh when Aidan lined them all up....he just loved having three different sizes. As we got ready to take them back home we marvelled at how much fun we had with our two boys, big and little! They had enjoyed working so hard according to Aidan, and we were thankful for the chance to just spend time together. It was a good lesson learned. We don't necessarily always have to do special things with the people we love. Instead we just need to enjoy being together, enjoying the moments and recognizing how blessed we are.
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Anneliese said...

I love this post, Doris! There's just something about little boys and hammers... and making a day of work fun!

Dumela said...

This is an encouraging blog.

Lindsay said...

Can I borrow Jaxon?!? I HATE picking the dead blossoms off of rhododendron bushes. My mom used to make me help her :( What a great kid! :)

Beck's Bulletin said...

Not sure your Mom would want Jaxon's help! :-) He couldn't quite tell the difference between what was dead and what was still living! But he sure did have fun!

Danielle said...

Doris, you grandkids rock!!!!