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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Darin!

You came into our lives when you stole the heart of our baby girl! Little did we imagine that when she went back to His Hill Bible College for her second year that she would end up getting married and living in Texas.
When you came up to meet the rest of the family it seemed as if the frame of our picture was being completed as you asked us for our blessing in making Jody your wife.
You had so much fun together and we could see that you were in love with one another.
Your wedding was an interesting mix of a Canadian wedding with a bit of southern flavor thrown in. It was great to meet your family and see this family that Jody was marrying into.
You love horses and you have passed that same love on to your little girl......

Caily is definitely Daddy's girl and she worships the ground you walk on! It's so fun to watch what a great Daddy you are to both your girls.
Darin we love to see how you love Jody and your girls.
We love spending time with the four of you and just wish that Texas wasn't so far away from BC.
You have been in our thoughts all day today and we hope you are having a wonderful Birthday today on your 'golden' birthday! 31 years old on July 31st!

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Donnie and Trudy Miles said...
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Donnie and Trudy Miles said...

Aww, Doris, thanks for those sweet words about Darin. We too feel so blessed in having Jody as our daughter-in-law....she is a wonderful "Completer and Calmer" to Darin's busy personality and spirit, not to mention being such a devoted mother to the sweet little girlies! The Lord has indeed blessed our families, hasn't He? Hope you are all doing well.