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Monday, May 04, 2009

Important Update on Baby Miles

We had hoped that just maybe Jody would go into labor today and Heather would get a new niece or nephew as a birthday present! But alas, it was not to be. However, there is news on the baby front. As Jody posted on her blog tonight:
So, we made it to 38 weeks! That is very exciting and that is as far as we will go because I am getting induced tomorrow. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and was more dilated than last week and my doctor said that we needed to make some decisions. Of course things are not simple and because I tested positive for strep b, that adds to everything. The best case with that is that I get two doses of antibiotics in me before the baby comes and with how far I am dilated and how far away we live, we decided that the best option is for me to be induced. That will make sure that the baby gets the antibiotics it needs to be healthy and not have to worry about what might happen. We have to be at the hospital at 5am tomorrow morning, when they will start me on the antibiotics and then around 7:30 am will start me on pitocin. Lord willing, we will be able to meet our new little one tomorrow and all will be well.

So would you join with us in praying for a safe and speedy delivery, and a healthy baby and Mommy? Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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Anneliese said...

That's good news! No more guessing then I bet it's so hard for Jody to decide whether to go to the hospital or not. Okay, so tomorrow is an exciting day! we'll be waiting for news! All the best . .. hope you can sleep tonite.
That's funny, my word verification is suffer . .. might as well say labor! Hope it won't be too bad!