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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian Friends!

We had the day off work today so Dave and I decided to run away and head into Vancouver. Although we weren't exactly sure what we were going to do, we headed into Stanley Park.
One of things that has come out of losing Debbie has been a renewed commitment to enjoy times together and not take life and love for granted. So we did something we have never done before but often said we should do some day....we took the Horse-drawn Carriage tour of Stanley Park!!

It was so much fun to learn all about things that we have often seen but not known the story behind them and for this trivia-lover, that was awesome.

There were a couple of cruise ships docked at Canada Place....probably headed for Alaska.
We got a front row seat and had a great view...
Afterwards we walked along the sea wall and headed to White Spot for lunch....sitting on the patio was perfect!
We marvelled again at how blessed we are to have each other...and to enjoy spending time together. Once we were finished eating we walked back to the car and took the long away around the park before heading for home.....I always love this view of the Lion's Gate Bridge.
And of course you have to stop at Prospect Point and see if there are boats coming under the bridge...this big freighter was headed out to sea.
All in all, it really was just a perfect day all the way around.


On This Rock said...

What a great idea. Hubby and I are planning to spend more time in Vancouver ourselves this summer doing things we have never done before...really, this should be one of those adventures...thanks for sharing. Great pics as well.

Anneliese said...

It doesnt' get any better than this - again! Sounds like a perfect day! Did you see any mounties on this special day? My Grandmother used to like going there and admiring them in their gear - I forget the word, it's to early - but you should know.

Beck's Bulletin said...

Their gear...too cute! That would be their Red Serge and know we didn't see any of them, but Jamie, Megan and the boys were able to see Matt all dressed up in Quesnel!

Karin said...

Those photos are excellent! Thanks for sharing you day with us!

And - have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the 4th!

Lovella ♥ said...

I just put two and two together. .today realizing that you are Anneliese's walking friend. Have a very happy Birthday

Lovella ♥ said...

Oh yes. . .I already knew that my lil' farm hand thought that your lil' Caily was a cutie. I heard they loved following each other around last visit. . .
I just still am smiling though about you being the walking partner that I know she values so much. . .how awesome.