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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Split, Croatia

When planning a trip like this there are certain ports that are must sees and then there others that I would classify as a bonus. For us, Split, Croatia was definitely a bonus, but absolutely delightful! It was our first port of call after leaving Venice the night before and we were excited to see what was awaiting us when we woke up the following morning.
The second largest city in Croatia is built alongside a beautiful natural harbor in the Adriatic Sea and was built around the Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace(built in 300 AD). We came into the city by Tender, a boat that picked us up from the ship and brought us in to the dock.
 What was so neat was to see the way the people built their apartments, hotels and offices right into the walls of the old palace and beside that would be part of the ruins....transported in time!
Since we were there on a Saturday, the locals were busy shopping in the marketplace.

Life moves at a different pace here....notice that someone is taking in their laundry off this clothesline high above us!
But just like on our street corners, there are street musicians - this man was playing Pachebel's Canon.
Another famous landmark in the city is the giant statue of Gregory of Nin, a 10th century Croatian religious leader.
The big toe on the right foot is said to bring good luck when rubbed and as you can see, it is shiny gold from all the people touching it! I couldn't resist!
As we headed back to the dock to head back to the ship we walked down this road....yes, it is tile!! It made me think of our good friends, H & A who owned a flooring company back home so I just had to document it for them to see.

Our adventure had only just begun but already there was so much to see and remember.

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Anneliese said...

Love these pictures! I'd hate to drop a piece of laundry out that window ... to land on some tourist's head. The market looks quite pretty and organized ... so fresh! Beautiful tiles and rubbed toes ... You have been blessed to see all of this and more...