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Monday, November 29, 2010

When You Can't Hear the Music

One of the issues that I have had to deal with while fighting illness this past month was loss of hearing in my left ear. It felt and sounded like I was living under water although it has slowly improved. I thought I was doing great with it until I was listening to one of my favorite worship CD's and realized that it was hurting my ears....or so I thought.

You see, I wasn't hearing the music...or at least not all of it. I could only hear a certain range of sounds and I was missing others. So instead of beautiful harmony I was hearing discord...and then I realized that so often that's what it's like in my life.

The music hasn't changed but I'm not hearing it the same way. Whether because of illness, schedules that are too busy, fatigue, stress or difficult relationships, I don't hear the music and I think everything has changed. But really it's just how I hear it. I need to take a step back and be reminded that God hasn't changed or moved, and He is still here and in control. I'm still here learning to be still.....and slowly hearing the music again.


Anneliese said...

Looks like you were up way past your bedtime...
thanks for sharing those thoughts.

Bobbi said...

Understand the hearing thing Doris. Mine is like someone stuck a cotton ball in my ear and it surely needs to be removed. I believe at this point it will be a miracle if it did, but will settle for hearing God's people harmonize in heaven.
When it originally happened, I could only listen to piano or classical, people singing hurt allot.
My step dad loved to say to me, "Bobbi, you need to stop and smell the roses, I was often so busy I thought he was nuts. However, he was dieing of a incurable disease, and he really learned from it.
I bet we both could stop and smell them, now and again. Rest my friend, you are loved.

Karin said...

Hope you'll get things fixed with your physical ears real soon and then you'll hear the music right again. I think we are starting to have some hearing loss in this house too - but one of us won't go to the hearing aid clinic to get his hearing tested.

Mumsey said...

Thank you for the reminder